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Slimming jus herb

This juice is a good to drink a spoon every morning and night, your body will feel fresh and always fit. Feel fatigue, refreshment, energy, besides controlling your diet and functioning the body. It is best the best suplementary drink for adult men, women and elderly age people. This Juice approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and recognized Halal. It is part of a health drink.

Contant:- selected herbs, honey and suger free.

Aura juice have very high value for health internal and externally. It contains aqua, green tea, Concentrated dates, promranate, Fig (At-tin), Prune, Honey Liquid, Lemon Juice, Green Bean Coffee, African Manggo, Apple Cider, Ginger, Oat Fiber, Habbatus Sauda, L-cystein, Herbs and Collagen

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