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Brown rice drink with vanilla

Germinated Brown Rice Cereal Drink is a nutritious beverage made from high quality germinated brown rice manufactured using the latestpatented technology. It is rich in GABA, Oryzanol, and phenolicscompound making it fulfilling, nutritious and complete drink suitable for all ages.

What is Germinated Brown Rice?

If you haven’t added sprouted or germinated brown rice to yourhealthy diet, you are missing out on a nutrient-dense variant ofrice that can deliver quite a few health benefits

1. Controls Blood Pressure

The high fiber level can help to scrape excess cholesterol and aid in the reduction of hypertension, helping you prevent other cardiovascular complications.

2. Diabetes

Fiber and brown rice is also known to regulate the release of glucose and insulin into the body, which is good news for diabetics and those at risk of developing the disease

3. Detoxifies the Body

With higher levels of certain minerals, vitamins, and active compounds sprouted brown rice can stimulate liverfunction and eliminate toxicity from the body.

4. Improves Mood

The significant amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid found in sprouted brown rice can impact neurotransmitter activity and boost mood, eliminate depression and anxiety symptoms caused by an imbalance in stress hormone  levels.

5. Aids Growth & Development

With more protein than traditional brown rice, this sprouted variety can aid in growth and development, along with repair and recovery following illness or a workout

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