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Black seed oil capsul

This capsule is specially formulated with the advanced method to make it easier for all people to use it as a supplement to help treat various diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, knee pain, memory loss, body fluency, smooth blood circulation, strengthen antibodies, eye-sight and lumps. is good for families of all ages.

Content - black seed, olive oil, fish oil and selected ingredients.

 1. Why people should buy your products,  


Black seed oil is natural healthy product, rich in essential, fatty acids, nigellon, carotene and minerals. 

2. What is good about your product,

*  lower high blood pressure *  control type 2 diabetic *  boosts memory *  treats asthma *  reduce cancer risk *  cure diarrhea *  improve immune system (immune agency) *  reduce risk of heart attack *  destroy tumor and reduce the risk of growth tumor *  promote the growth of red blood cells



3. Apa ingredients  yg kita guna.

* Habatus sauda oil

* Gelatin

Source of gelatin = Bovine


4. Good price yang sebenar utk volume n sale in small no.  

Packing bottle

Market price = RM42/bottle (60 capsules)

Bulk purchase = RM34/bottle (minimum 10 ctn)


Packing sleeve

Market price = RM174/box (24 sleeve @ 240 capsules)

Bulk purchase = RM139/box (minimum 10 ctn)


5. Cara nak prepare utk makan

* each 700mg capsul contains 500mg black seed oil (nigella sativa)

* take 2 capsules a day after meals

Note: Product is sold in one box comprising of 12 packs  of olive oil soft gel 

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