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Koperasi Usahawan Groom Big Perlis Berhad

Koperasi Usahawan Groom Big Perlis Berhad (Reg no : R40170), under jurisdiction and managements of three government agencies namely: Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM), Ministry of International Trade Industry (MITI) and SIRIM Berhad. It aims to enhance the ability of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs to be viable and competitive in open markets and exports. 在三个政府机构的管辖和管理下, : Suruhanjaya Koperasi 马来西亚 (SKM)、国际贸易工业部 (产省) SIRIM 有限公司。它的目的是提高中小型企业家在开放市场和出口方面的可行性和竞争力的能力。

The approach is based on the services required by Bumiputera entrepreneurs at various stages of industrial development encompassing enhancement and quality assurance, enhancement & optimization of production processes, packaging design and brand development.
该方法的基础是土著企业家在工业发展的各个阶段所需的服务, 包括增强和质量保证、生产过程的改进和优化、包装设计和品牌开发。

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